The Ward

The Ward is a prison facility set into an island situated in the middle of Lake Hobegepon. Built into the solid rock of the island, the Ward is reserved for the most dangerous or difficult to dispose of prisoners. Currently run by Lord Matthias of the Ward, his family has served as its wardens since its inception.

The Ward receives tribute from the various fiefdoms that have inmates interred there. Guards are also pulled from various lords’ militias to serve in the Ward. Generally if a lord has sent someone to be kept there, they also send someone to ensure they stay there.

A list of notable inmates currently being held in the Ward are:

  • The Warlock
  • Danalurl Wavetracker
  • Aeron “The Baron” Rayburn
  • Do’Graw, Orc Warlord
  • Misade Darkarmor, Dwarven weaponsmith
  • Bartholomew Tollingson
  • Former Archmage Silas Xetonateron

The Ward has capacity for over one hundred inmates at the highest level of security. For inmates of a magical nature various measures have been taken to ensure their imprisonment. The Warlock and Silas Xetonateron in particular are kept under the highest possible guard due to their innate magical power.

The Ward is surrounded on all sides of its mile long coastline by sheer rock cliffs topped by thirty foot walls. Patrolled by watchmen armed with longbow and trained in the use of the emplaced ballasts, the Ward is well protected against attack.

The Ward

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